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TC Medical Technology R&D Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Tiancheng Electrical Marine Equipment Pte Ltd. The Company was founded on 2020, We are specializes in Design, Research & Manufacturing and Production of Medical Device.
TianCheng Electrical Marine Equipment Pte Ltd was founded on 23 June 2011, We also have three competitive subsidiaries, respectively:
- TC Offshore Marine Pte Ltd.
- TC Energy Equipment and Services Pte Ltd.
- TC Medical Technology R&D Pte Ltd.

Why we establish?

On 31 December 2019, an outbreak of coronavirus disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan, China. The WHO declared the outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 30 January 2020 and a pandemic on 11 March 2020. As the COVID-19 pandemic worsens, precautions are being taken around the world. The COVID-19 has caused a global shortage of masks. Since the COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020, many countries have banned the export of masks and medical device, and a few countries have called for a rethink of supply chains. Then we established TC Medical Technology R&D Pte Ltd to cope with the shortage of Medical resources.

What we do

We recognize that there will be a greater focus on health, as COVID-19 has exposed the lack of medical device and Medical supplies in many countries.
We believe that TC Medical already has a great market and potential.
In combination with Singapore's new development strategy, one of the development directions is to develop Medical Technology.
On 2 April 2020, TC Medical Technology R&D Pte Ltd is ready to start the production of masks, and plans to face mask production line.

Our Contributions

Support Mask Campaign

In February 2020, we received a request from Mr Qi of The China-Singapore (Chongqing) Demonstration Initiative on Strategic Connectivity(CCI), they need TC to help and support for the COVID-19 medical supplies in Wuhan, China.
We immediately searched for medical supplies like face masks in Singapore and around the world. It was very difficult to find face masks during the COVID-19 in China because of the huge increase in demand for face masks around the world.
7 February 2020 With unremitting efforts, we mobilized 240,000 masks in one day.
In Singapore, where there is a shortage of masks, we have got them, but export transport is also a problem.
In the end, Only with the coordination and help of CCI and Ministry of Trade & Industry of Singapore did the customs permit the release of these masks for export and transportation to China. Despite numerous obstacles, they finally arrived in Zhongxian, Chongqing within a week.

Our Products

Covid-19 Face Mask

Physical Barrier

Simple and direct: directly rely on a single layer of melt blown cloth to block the virus from inhaling the organs and lungs through the mouth and nose, but it is not convenient

TCM Health Card

Pharmacological protection

The first protective layer: through the volatilization principle of Chinese herbal medicine aromatherapy, the air around the body is sterilized and purged to form a barrier protection circle to prevent germs from approaching the facial features.
The second protective layer: through the inhalation of Chinese herbal medicine, the traditional Chinese medicine molecules can produce a protective film of protein globule A on the tracheal wall, which can secondly kill bacteria that penetrate the protective ring and inhale the respiratory tract.
The third conditioning layer: long-term wearing, as if receiving Chinese herbal aromatic inhalation type health conditioning, the volatile substances worn in the sachet can stimulate the serum IgA and IgG levels and improve immunity.
Advantages: simple, convenient, intuitive, practical, safe, the best effect in a confined place。

What is the TCM Health Card?

TCM Health Card

In response to the growing number of new cases in early 2020, Singapore enacted the ``COVID-19 Control Order``, announcing on 3 April 2020 a stringent set of preventive measures collectively called the ``circuit breaker lockdown“.
We believe it is necessary to develop new medical products to help people. Since 3 April 2020 , we have jointly developed a Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) Health Card carry-on bag made of traditional Chinese medicine with Wu Yunsheng Institute of Chinese Medicine in Beijing, China.

Effect Time

- TCM Portable Epidemic Prevention Card: 5-piece set, the best use time is 30-60 days
- As long as the card core is easily replaced, it can be used continuously
- The replaced waste card core can be used for soaking feet and fertilizing potted plants

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TUV Safety and antibacterial testing

Innovative epidemic prevention popular all over the world

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