TC Offshore Marine Pte Ltd

TC Offshore Marine Pte Ltd was established in 2017. The company specializes in design, research & development, services & commissioning, manufacturing and production of offshore equipment.
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Development For Maritime Vessels
Renewable Electrical Power Generation Onboard Maritime Vessels

Visions & Missions

Building on our tradition of building hydraulically powered maritime deck equipment and transiting to power them electrically, Tiancheng Electrical Marine Equipment is ready for Renewable electrical power generation propulsion onboard maritime vessels. In 2021, a new decade begins for the Tiancheng group, focusing on vertical axis wind turbines with integrated Rotor Sailing System through its new subsidiary TC Offshore Marine. TC Offshore Marine operates as research organisation with the goal of designing, developing and operating its own designs of vertical axis wind turbines. Renewable electrical power generation bring the Tiancheng / TC group a step closer to providing the full maritime electrical power value chain.

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